Couples Counseling

Dr. Levenson specializes in relationship issues and couples counseling. Her expertise involves conflict resolution, communication skills, and attachment/bonding. Counseling will focus on problem-solving present-day issues, along with an in-depth look at the patterns and dynamics that perpetuate problematic ways of relating. Couples may choose short-term psychotherapy to address a specific problem, or they may decide to engage in longer-term treatment to bring their relationships to new heights after the initial concerns have been resolved. Your relationship should be a source of comfort, stability, and support, and we will take it there!

Some couples going through divorce or even a "high conflict" divorce may find therapy useful to determine how to amicably relate and/or parent for the sake of their families and children. Parenting Coordination with Dr. Levenson, whether entered into voluntarily or by Court Order, may be the most effective way to mediate co-parenting issues. 

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