Custody/Visitation Evaluations

In some paternity or divorce cases, the issues that led to the breakdown of the parenting relationship require a forensic psychology evaluation. Sometimes, the judge may not see the full picture of the parent during Court proceedings, and may seek a private evaluation to comprehensively identify issues including mental illness, substance abuse, parental animosity, and risk factors for the children. 

A forensic (or "full forensic") may include clinical interview with the parent(s), psychological testing, the gathering of collateral data (records and collateral interviews), interviews with the children, and sometimes interactions between the parents and children. After gathering data, the forensic psychologist provides a written report to the Court. Thus, a forensic evaluation provides the Court with information about how a parents' issues may or may not impact the children, thus assisting the Court in custody decisions. 

I have extensive training and experience in conducting full forensic as well as targeted evaluations during the course of custody and visitation disputes. Through my assessment, we may learn about risk factors which can be ameliorated with services, which I will recommend as needed. Ultimately, I believe that children should have two healthy parents who they hold in high esteem. The goal of a forensic evaluation is to identify parental strengths, as well as weaknesses, to assist the Court with custody decisions.

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