Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination may be initiated in one of two ways:

1) Both parents sign a private consent agreement

2) By Court Order

A parenting coordinator assists with reducing conflict between parents with respect to the best interests of their shared children. A PC may provide parent education, guidance, coaching, and may mediate disputes as they arise. A PC will also facilitate and encourage compliance with Court Orders, including visitation arrangements and constructive parenting. 

A PC may meet with parents together or individually, as indicated. For example, PCs may meet with parents individually when there are concerns regarding potential abuse, significant power imbalances, or to avoid high-conflict interactions between family members. Infrequently, a PC will interview the children; this is to protect children from emotional consequences (i.e., guilt) or power imbalance. PCs may also meet with other involved caretakers or professionals when relevant to decision-making.

Parenting Coordination services are distinct from other types of professional services that may be utilized by separating or divorcing parents, such as legal services, custody mediation, custody evaluation, divorce coaching, marriage and family counseling, or couples' therapy. The role of a PC differs from the clinical role of a psychologist in various ways. In the PC role, the psychologist does not provide formal psychological evaluations or testing, offer any psychological diagnoses, or render individual, family, or marital therapy or counseling services to the parents or children. Such clinical assessment or psychotherapy intervention services are referred to other providers as deemed necessary or helpful. If the PC is concerned about the children's or any family member's safety due to parental mental illness, family violence, substance use, or other conditions or behaviors, the PC considers appropriate actions, such as making a referral in a timely fashion, reporting concerns to the court, or contacting law enforcement or child protection authorities. PCs may provide assistance to the court within the scope of their role; however, they may not provide legal advice. 

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