Wellness and Weight Management

My earliest training as a Psychologist occurred within Health and Medical facilities. My practice has focused on overall wellness and weight management from the very beginning. Whether you are dealing with underlying attachments to food or a medical illness that makes it difficult to lose weight, I can help you. My approach to permanent weight loss is holistic; we will discuss the basics of nutrition and monitor food choices, fitness, and goals, and we will also consider your underlying attitudes towards food and beliefs about weight. Together, we will achieve adherence to a nutrition plan that works for you! Weight management does not need to be a struggle - let's make health and comfort with your body a lifestyle!

I conduct bariatric surgery assessments as part of pre-surgical evaluations. The evaluation will include an interview and some brief testing, which will be summarized in a letter or report for your physician. Sometimes, people choose to begin psychotherapy for weight management prior to their surgery, for initial weight loss and identification of goals. Many people also choose to participate in psychotherapy after their surgery, to continue weight loss goals, maintain healthier body weight, and confront any on-going issues with weight and eating. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with weight loss and wellness or is preparing for bariatric surgery, please contact me today!

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